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January 26, 2012

References for Chiropractic Games and Distorted Truths

For a fascinating, albeit slanted, view of the interconnections between the CCE, FCLB, NBCE, and the ACA, please read the online pdf version of Moore and Wise’s book, A Report on Chiropractic Politics and Education (1979).

Dr. Senzon’s most recent series of articles published in the Journal of Chiropractic Humanities explicitly address the “legal ploy argument,” and its implications for modern chiropractors, especially in terms of the policies of the GCC and the CCE.

Keith Simpson’s recent article, The Five Eras of Chiropractic was published in the Journal of Chiropractic and Manual Therapies.

To learn more about Tom Morris, please go to the Earliest Philosophers section and click on the Tom Morris page.

To read Cyrus Lerner’s 1952 report on chiropractic’s origins, please click here for the pdf: Lerner Report

Simpson references an article by Keating to support his claims about Morris as “the architect of chiropractic philosophy.” Keating also uses this piece to discuss his opinion on “dogma” in chiropractic.

Seaman’s articles on the “Curse of Chiropractic” are good examples of how this “legal ploy argument” is used to attempt to discredit traditional philosophical concepts in chiropractic. Unfortunately, Seaman chose an obscure passage from Stephenson’s Chiropractic Textbook (1927) to make his point, and it seems that he misquoted Stephenson…

D.D. Palmer’s traveling library is discussed in detail in Dr. Senzon’s books.

And, to read Dr. Senzon’s articles relating systems theories to the philosophy of chiropractic

To read more about the Dismissivist approach, please read McAulay’s article from the JCH:

To learn more about the GCC’s attempt to dismiss chiropractic philosophy and define the vertebral subluxation as an historical artifact, please see

To explore the latest controversy over the CCE’s new standards please see:

To learn more about Solon Langworthy, please go to the Earliest Philosophers page, and also please read Gibbon’s paper: Solon Massey Langworthy: Keeper of the Flame (posted with permission from the Association of Chiropractic History).

How Chiropractors Think and Practice was published as a book but the findings are available online:
New Study Finds Unity in Chiropractic

Finally the ideas of Dogma in chiropractic go along with the spurious claim that subluxation cannot be tested and is somehow mutually exclusive of evidenced base practice.

Dr. Senzon addresses many of these issues in his current series in the JCH on Constructing a Philosophy of Chiropractic:

But nowhere are the issues of dogma, subluxation, worldviews, and the philosophy of chiropractic addressed in more detail than in Dr. Senzon’s new online 12 hour curriculum. Please register with the site and then sign up for the course.

What recent students are saying about Dr. Senzon’s online courses:

  • Dr. Gregg Stern of Stern Chiropractic writes, “It was like a great book you just could not put down!  I don’t know if 2 days is a record but I finished the 12 hrs and look forward to the next 2.”
  • Dr. Jay Komarek of Boulder Sol Chiropractic writes, “”Simon, I want to take a moment to thank you. I am just about to finish your 12 hour program online. I have to say that I did it for CE. That being said, I would do it again just for the joy of it! After 34 years of mostly joyous practice I was uplifted by your program on so many levels…your message stands like a lighthouse pointing a way out. I am greatly appreciative of what you have done.”
  • Dr. Martha Nessler of Innate Expressions writes, “”Simon’s passion for the historical preservation of chiropractic is inspiring and contagious. With his focus on BJ and the journey he traveled as he developed the profession of chiropractic, you are instantly re-connected to your roots. His blend of information and photos allows you to see where chiropractic has been and to realize your role in where it is headed. Simon is brilliant, devoted, and knowledgeable. His dedication to chiropractic’s heritage is what we need to preserve this profession.
    A must do for ALL chiropractors!”