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Chiropractic Philosophy in Action

Chiropractic’s Fourth Generation

After listening to this lecture, Dr. Gregg Rubinstein, philosophy chair of the NYCC wrote,

“Green Books, Blue books I have read a lot of them… but no one gives you the historical perspective of our profession’s rich philosophical development like Simon does!

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Chiropractic Winter

The Philosophy of Chiropractic is ready for Spring.

Learn how chiropractic’s politics might be unified through philosophy. This excerpt from Dr. Senzon’s online course on Chiropractic Principles opens up the door way to start viewing chiropractic in a new way.

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Chiropractic Epigrams

Several people have asked me why I republished B.J. Palmer’s epigrams. After all, most of the epigrams may be found free online. Of course if you read the preface or the introduction to the book you would know why I …

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Chiropractic GTD

B.J. Palmer was an expert at getting things done! Unfortunately, not much has been written about his method. This was probably because he didn’t just get things done, he developed his own habit of listening to what he called, Innate …

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Chiropractic Bigness

In a recent interview I did with Drs. Kent and Gentempo, we explored the work of RJ Watkins, a true pioneer of chiropractic. The interview is reproduced here with images and a few more details about Watkins’ life.



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Chiropractic History

We just celebrated D.D. Palmer’s 168th birthday. One hundred and sixty-eight years have passed since that fateful day on March 7, 1845. There is so much chiropractic history in such a short time one hardly knows where to begin. Without …

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