RJ Watkins

R.J. Watkins, DC, PhC, FICC, DACBR

Dr. R.J. Watkins graduated from Lincoln Chiropractic College in 1942. His mentor was Firth, author of Chiropractic Symptomatology or The Manifestations of Incoordination Considered From a Chiropractic Standpoint (Green Book Volume VII and later renamed Chiropractic Diagnosis). He was a pioneering Second Generation chiropractor. Watkins career was extraordinary. He helped to lead the early programs at Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, Life Chiropractic College, and later became chairman of the Principles and Practice Department at Cleveland Chiropractic College Los Angeles.

I am very much look forward to learning more about him as there is a wonderful biography in the works along with a collection of his writings. I will post more about this exciting project as I learn more.

I have posted several of Watkins’ articles, diagrams, and the book he helped to write in various places on this site. Here they are gathered in one place. Enjoy.

R.J. Watkins, DC, FICC

Please follow this link to study Segmental Neuropathy.

Watkins wrote some of the text and was the editor for the neurological sections.