This time period in the history of the philosophy of chiropractic is still being written.

In 2010, Dr. Senzon initiated a five-part series of peer-reviewed articles called, Constructing a Philosophy of Chiropractic. In the first article in the series he writes,*

“If philosophy in chiropractic is to develop into a discipline, it needs to transcend and include all
elements of the profession from scientifically testable theories, which range from VS to doctor-patient
interactions; ethical, legal, and political questions; and all possible ramifications of the chiropractic
encounter. This latter area of study would include biopsychosocial and spiritual health and well-being. A
philosophy of chiropractic should be able to include science, art (as in chiropractic as a healing art), and ethics or morals.” (2010, p.7)

*This article is available and is also developed into an 8 hour course for CE credits.