During this philosophy wave, the PSC had a core faculty publishing textbooks for the students. The Green Book series, which started in 1906, became a way to infuse the philosophy of innate intelligence into the mundane topics of physiology, anatomy, and pathology. Palmer’s faculty became his own personal think tank for all things chiropractic.

In the dedication to A Text Book on The Palmer Technique of Chiropractic,
B.J. Palmer wrote,

“On every subject, in every movement, with every progression, there must be a leader, but closely allied to him are always the several close and intimate help-mates from whom and about whom too little is known.

Chiropractic is no exception to that rule. Drs. Firth, Vedder and Burich are three of those men who have been close to me and mine for years. In the class-room; in my home, at my table and in Sunday conferences, we have threshed over the thousands of angles until our ideas have so mutually blended that they are as one.

When it came to getting out a book on this subject, I knew of no one set of men to whom I could entrust so much of its subject matter as these. And, as you review the work, realize with me, that I take very little of its credit. To them must go practically all of it.

As a pioneer, I perhaps thought a bit; but, as a finished product in the text-book for the student, to them must come all appreciation of that which you see and read.

To Drs. Firth, Vedder and Burich do I gladly dedicate this book. To those who have made it possible should go whatever credit and honor is due them.” (1920, Volume 13)