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James Leroy Nixon, DC

James Leroy Nixon was a student at Palmer School of Chiropractic during 1920. In the foreword to his book, The Spirit of the P.S.C., Nixon wrote,

“The Spirit of the P. S. C. is, then, the outgrowth of facts gleaned and impressions formed during a regular student course, during which its author was brought into close personal and fraternal association with Dr. and Mrs. Palmer, with members of the faculty and with hundreds of students as well. It was written without suggestion from any member of the faculty or other person, knowledge of the author’s purpose being unknown except to two student friends, until the prepared manuscript was submitted to Dr. Palmer for his approval. If the book shall serve to enlighten the public as to what the big school “on the hill” in Davenport really is and what it stands for; what a blessing it has become to millions of sufferers; that it is bound to prove, more than any other yet discovered system of handling disease, a priceless boon to humanity, then its primary purpose will have been accomplished and the author will be happy in the realization that his labor has not been in vain.
JAMES LEROY NIXON. Davenport, Ia., March 13,1920.”(p. 6)

  • The years that Nixon was at P.S.C. have been called the Golden Age of chiropractic.
    They are described in the online course on B.J. Palmer.

James Leroy Nixon with B.J. Palmer and Big Ben