Integral Applied

Integral Theory has been applied to dozens of fields! Below we have included applications that resonate with applying Integral to the philosophy of chiropractic.


Integral Medicine

Integral Medicine is relatively recent application of Integral Theory. It is being described by several authors as the next step beyond integrative medicine. Several pioneering health professionals are exploring what it is like to apply the Integral Approach across health care, to patients, practice members, healers, doctors, nurses, as well as the systems involved from clinics and health centers to hospitals and managed care. The first conference on Integral Medicine is underway in October, 2011.

* Four Quadrants of Integral Medicine from Wilber’s The Integral Vision (2007).

Integral Nursing

Integral Nursing is being pioneered by Barbara Dossey, one of the originators of Holistic Nursing. Dossey and several other leaders in the field are calling for an all quadrant all level approach to nursing.

* The image, Healing, Meta-Paradigm, Patterns of Knowing in Nursing, Four Quadrants and AQAL, is from B. M. Dossey (2008). Integral and Holistic Nursing: Local to Global. In B. M. Dossey & L. Keegan. Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (5th ed.) Sudbury, MA: Jones & Bartlett.

Integral Coaching

Integral Coaching is being pioneered by several leaders in the field. Integral Coaching Canada started by Joanne Hunt and Laura Divine is a great training program. Their approach to assisting people to fully express their highest evolutionary potential can certainly inform many chiropractors.

*Four-Quadrant Integral Coaching image courtesy of Elastic Mind

Integral Life Practice

Integral Life Practice developed from merging Wilber’s Integral Map with the work of Michael Murphy and George Leonard (1923-2010). Murphy and Leonard developed Integral Transformative Practice (ITP) as a way to exercise body, heart, mind, and spirit in a daily long-term way. Wilber’s approach went even further by including core modules as well as all five elements of the AQAL matrix.

* Integral Life Practice Matrix chart from Wilber’s The Integral Vision (2007).