Integral Approach

The Integral Approach was developed by American philosopher Ken Wilber. It is a postmetaphysical map of reality. The Integral Approach includes the inside and outside of every occasion from the individual and collective perspectives. It includes four other elements: levels, lines, states, and types.

Core Integral

In terms of chiropractic and its philosophy, the Integral Approach is essential. It may help the profession to overcome many philosophical stumbling blocks and inner conflicts, while fully embracing scientific rigor, internal experience, cultural authority, as well as social and economic realities. Never before has chiropractic had the tools to transcend its past while including the very best that past has to offer.

Simon Senzon has been a student of Ken Wilber’s for close to ten years and applying Integral Studies to the philosophy of chiropractic for the past 15 years.

Simon and Ken discussed Simon’s Five Keys to Transforming Healthcare in the summer of 2012.

There are several ways to learn about the Integral Approach online. The following pages contain videos and readings on Integral Theory: