Integral History

Integral Historiography is a new and emerging field. It centers on applying Integral Theory to history. A niche of this new field is Integral Historiography of Chiropractic. Glimpses of this approach have recently been broached. More thorough histories will require entire textbooks.

Simon Senzon - Integral history of chiropractic

Dr. Senzon has been applying Integral Theory to the history and philosophy of chiropractic for several years. His courses, presentations, books, and articles merely point to what a full Integral History of chiropractic would look like. Such a comprehensive history, one that includes personal experience, worldviews, objective facts, cultural contexts as well as social and economic forces, would be very difficult to complete. The following resources are merely a beginning:

*  AQAL image is from Ken Wilber’s Integral Vision (2007).