The history of the Council on Chiropractic Education is more important now than ever before. We will be writing much more on the topic in the coming weeks. An online 2-hour course is in development on the history of CCE. If you are interested please contact us.

Keating, Callender, and Cleveland’s chapter on the Accreditation Wars from their book, A History of Chiropractic Education in North America is a great place to start. Then, please read the critical and historical documents on the CCE:


CCE Criticisms

  • CCE 2006 Hearing Transcripts
  • In 1979, Leroy Moore and Leslie Wise wrote, A Report on Chiropractic Politics and Education,  edited by Ken Armstrong. The Report makes a a case for a conspiracy in chiropractic starting with the 1963 ACA Master Plan. Keating wrote in the chapter on the Accreditation Wars (above), that the conspiracy theory of Moore and Wise is unfounded because of the fact that other “straight” schools were accepted into CCE. This argument is not very strong considering the social and legal pressures on the schools and on CCE.
  • Part of a history of SCASA is reprinted here with permission from Joe Strauss’ Refined by Fire.
  • Moore and Wise map out several points to their argument of conspiracy, including the lobbying of state boards to freeze out graduates from non-CCE accredited schools:

CCE History


*Reprinted by permission of the Association for the History of Chiropractic.