Fredrick H. C. Barge, D.C., Ph.C. (Hon) FICA, FPAC, SCS
President Barge Chiropractic Clinic, S C.
President International Chiropractors Association
This paper states that the “true chiropractic philosophy” was created by the founder, Dr. D.D. Palmer and that the basic premise of chiropractic and its major tenets are clearly defined in the founders early writings. Herein one sees the unique and singular health care philosophy that distinguishes chiropractic from aIlopathic medicine. This
non-therapeutical approach to disease stands out succinctly as antithetical to the medical paradigm. Citing authors such as Drs. D.D. Palmer, B.J. Palmer and R.C. Schafer, the non-therapeutic and non-medical concepts of chiropractic’s unique paradigm are explained. Differing concepts of diagnosis are addressed in the light of each
profession’s responsibility to their own form of health care. Regardless of the fact that some students of D.D. Palmer practiced the established medical therapeutic model and simply added the “adjustment” to their many “treatments”; and regardless of the fact that these Doctors created schools that still exist today teaching therapeutics along with the chiropractic adjustment, there is only one true chiropractic philosophy. This philosophy was irrefutably established by the founder in his school and his writings. The chiropractic approach in health care is foreign to medical concepts and cannot exist comfortably within the frame work of the medical paradigm. Chiropractic is non-therapeutical. This is the one clear distinction between chiropractic, allopathic and osteopathic medicine. The continued existence of chiropractic as a separate, distinct, non-duplicating alternative to medical care, depends upon the profession’s ability to sustain and ameliorate its unique non-therapeutic principles and philosophy.