Philosophy of Chiropractic is now accepting donations to support our continued mission of preserving the history and forwarding the philosophy of chiropractic. We are now in our tenth year of operation and we are ready to expand. We need your help. This website has always been an act of love. When there has been time and resources available, it expands and grows. We are ready to develop this site into the premier FREE online resource for the chiropractic profession for decades to come.

Some of Our Short Term Plans

Our immediate plans are to greatly expand the available articles and chronologies, with an emphasis on historical documents and philosophical inquiries. Thank you for your continued support!
Dr. Simon Senzon and the POC staff…

Some of Our Long Term Plans

We envision big things for this site with your help! Some of them are as follows:

  • Create a searchable library of the many articles available on this site.
  • Create more historical subsections for the history of chiropractic schools and associations.
  • Post links to full-text books, especially books that influenced D.D. Palmer directly or indirectly.
  • Post transcripts of B.J. Palmer lectures that are not available in written format.
  • Offer free online lectures on the history and philosophy of chiropractic.
  • Work with the Palmer college archives to convert microfiche copies of The Chiropractor (1904-1961) into pdfs that can be posted online.
  • Create some very easily accessible introductory areas on the history of chiropractic’s philosophy.
  • Expand upon the various Waves of chiropractic’s philosophy by including sections on many of the “Greats” as well as links to dozens of papers and abstracts critiquing the philosophy of chiropractic.
  • Continuing to produce high quality research and analysis on the philosophy and history of chiropractic!!!!
  • And much more…