Simon Senzon’s Philosophy of Chiropractic was started in 2003. It began as a gathering place for online resources about the history and philosophy of chiropractic. The vision was to provide a place for scholarly reflection and transformative action. The chiropractic profession has never established an academic discipline of philosophy. We hope that the resources on this website might play a role in developing one. A rigorous approach to our philosophy is required in order for the chiropractic profession to move forward into the 21st century.

History of the Philosophy of Chiropractic

The site is organized around a few main themes. The biggest one is the generations of chiropractic philosophers. This can be explored by going to the philosophers tab and choosing an historical epic. Each epic represents a wave of the philosophy. As more research reveals more depth, the content continues to grow.

Based upon Simon Senzon’s more recent lectures and writings, the four generations of chiropractic have become more apparent. According to sociologist, Randall Collins, one philosophical generation comes into its own every thirty-three years. For chiropractic, this means that we have just entered the fourth generation since D.D. Palmer’s death in 1913.

At the heart of this site is Senzon’s integration of Ken Wilber’s Integral philosophy. We have recently taken down the introductory pages on integral. The current plan is to develop a series of online courses for chiropractors to use the Integral perspective. For those who would like to learn more about integral right away, you should get the new Integral Edition of the book, Chiropractic Foundations. The new edition is about 400 pages and contains about 60 pages introducing Integral with 30 diagrams. It is an excellent basis to further your understanding of the philosophy of chiropractic as well. Simon also introduced Integral in his lectures to the K.R. Jones philosophy forum in 2011. Those lectures may be watched for continuing education credits or just for the sake of learning.

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