Welcome to Senzon’s Philosophy of Chiropractic. This website is designed to add depth and breadth to chiropractic’s history and philosophy. Premiered on the site is Dr. Simon Senzon’s use of Integral Theory, a leading edge approach to developing chiropractic’s principles. Please take the time to study the historical documents, complete books, book excerpts, chronologies, chapters, and articles.

Chiropractic Books

Simon Senzon’s books are filled with facts and inspiration. The chiropractic Green Books in their essence. Take your study of chiropractic’s history and philosophy to a new level of depth. Also check out the new series in Chiropractic Classics!

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Chiropractic CE Online

Education and Inspiration from home! These courses on the history and philosophy of chiropractic will give you the tools necessary to understand chiropractic in a new way. Earn CE credit or just learn.

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